About Digital Growth Old

Grew your business – abroad

Our specialty is internationalization of (Online) businesses. We have successfully expanded existing business into; the Nordic’s, the Baltic’s, the Benelux and the Eastern countries (incl. Russia and Poland).

A success is only worth speaking about if it can be quantified and measured. A strategy only works if it includes everything from the analysis to tracking.

We’re proud of the successes we have made.

We have made new growth in:

Eastern Europe 1: Russia & Ukraine
Eastern Europe 2: Poland and Romania
The Benelux: Holland and Belgium
The Nordics: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway
The Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
MENA: Turkey

We offer consulting services in the areas of strategic brand marketing, new product development, digital marketing for large firms and medium-sized businesses.

We specialize in supporting our clients growth into new markets. DigitalGrowth also provides management support in the areas listed above for go-to-market and project implementation.